APPLE Service Depot


ASD repair is available 24/7 to service your repairable devices. You may either visit to our shop along your repairable device OR register yourself to online portal and communicate with our tech team to know about repairing of your item and our repairing services in details.

Following terms and conditions are applied if you want to get your devices repiared from us.

  1. We are an indipendant third-party repair shop.
  2. We are NOT associated with Apple Inc. or any other such company.
  3. We are NOT Apple Inc. authorized repair service shop.
  4. We do NOT provide Apple Inc. warranty services.
  5. Our repair service will VOID Apple device warranty, so we do NOT repair under-warranty devices.
  6. We repair out of warranty Apple products.

For more info, visit our shop at:

  1. Apple Service Depot
    401 Alden Road, Unit 22
    Markham, Ontario, L3R 4N4